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Web Hosting and Domain Names

What is Web Hosting To make websites accessible anywhere in the world, you need to hire space on a web server, which has a permanent connection to the Internet. This is called Web Hosting. Web Hosting is also needed to provide a destination for your web browser to go when you type in a website address.
Reliable and secure Web Hosting Whether we designed your website or you had it created by another website design company, you are going to need a Web Hosting provider.

Our Website Hosting partners provide high speed, reliable and secure Web Hosting solutions. Websites have the back up of 24 hour a day support, 365 days a year in state of the art data centers here in the Australia with 99.9% up time guaranteed. We provide $100~160 per year Web Hosting with all our website design package and have several web hosting packages options depending on your requirements.

There are many domain name extensions available such as. com,,

Please contact us to find out if your preferred domain name is available.

Professional email addresses Our Web hosting options all includes unlimited professional email addresses that match your domain name e.g. you could have instead rather than etc.

It’s also very easy to receive your emails. You can check your emails via a web mail system or use your favorite email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

T2DESIGN is a worldwide service.
If you would like to create a website or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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